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If you’re SERIOUS about building your wealth, you’ll read this entire letter. If you’re NOT serious (like most people are), you won’t have the attention span, you’ll leave this page and continue down your path to mediocrity.
I don’t work with losers. I go out of my way to alienate lazy people, the middle class, and the poor. I’ve spent my life distancing myself from those people and I intentionally craft my communication so I offend them and ensure they stay away from my group.
That brings us to YOU.
You’re here, you’re reading this message, and you aren’t offended by my disgust for the average.

You’re likely a bit hostile yourself and flat-out angry that you aren’t already wealthy or at least on a clear path to getting there.
You know you could be doing better, a lot better.
That’s the core problem I’ve created the Ten Commandments of Wealth to helpyou solve.


You’re not making the money you know you’re capable of making. You’re frustrated you haven't reached the stage in your life where you're financially free.

This problem affects every area of your life. It kills your confidence, your relationships suffer, maybe you can’t provide for your family how you want to, maybe you don't have the freedom to travel and experience the exotic places you have always wanted to have an adventure in.
Maybe you have to wake up every weekday and drag yourself to a job you don’t like, answer to a boss you don’t respect, and you count the minutes until the weekend.

If you’re not angry, get angry. Someone out there is hostile and they're catching up to you.

If you don’t get going, one day soon, you will see them laughing and pointing as they speed past you, getting the results you could have had.
Who This Program Is For
If you’re interested in my coaching, you’ve likely done a couple tough things already in your life. You’re a high level performer at something. You likely went to college, or maybe you mastered something else.

Maybe you’re a military person, maybe you’ve mastered a musical instrument. Maybe you’ve developed an elite athletic skill, or you climbed to the top of a professional field.

Maybe you’re an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a tradesman, a craftsman, or a salesperson.

If you’ve already cultivated the work ethic and discipline it takes to be an overachiever at something, it is easy for me to teach you how to be successful in building your net worth.

Those who make it to their 30s or 40s and aren’t good at something, they are NOT the people who should work with me.
My clients all have AMBITION, and they are smart enough to seek out coaches and communities where they talk about reality.
In my community, we don’t talk about whimsical nonsense where people get fantastic outcomes without making the effort.
Run away quickly when you find someone telling you that you can become a success overnight, or that you can execute some quick trade that will make you a bunch of money.
The internet is notorious for these slimy creatures, and the message they tout is revolting to anyone who knows anything about business, finance, and how money works.

Clients want to work with me and be a part of our client community to talk about REALITY. They want the pragmatic, gritty guidance on how they can make real progress toward their money goals.

If you’re willing to set your ego aside, and take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror, you’d realize, if you could do it yourself, you would have done it already.
Are you mad yet? You should be. You’re wasting your life away, and when you die, your tombstone will say: “Here lies a generic loser who did not much.”

At your funeral, there will be no hysterical crying, no spontaneous stories told of a person who chased down their dreams. The black-clad crowd will daydream as the uninspired preacher regurgitates the same sermon he used last week for that other forgettable soul.

I developed The Ten Commandments of Wealth to get you on the path to building big wealth, to get you on your path to freedom.

If you don’t HATE your current circumstances, you won’t have sufficient motivation to change them.

If you’re serious about getting this problem solved, keep reading.
I remember what it was like not having money growing up. I understand what it is like to have the drive and desire to do big things, and to not have anyone in my environment to help show me the way.

At an early age, I knew I was going to do everything in my power to earn the things I wanted most in life.

I had a unique childhood experience. When I was very young, my family had a ton of money, nice houses, cars, and life was great.

Then, my dad went to jail when I was 7. The government took our houses, the cars, the furniture, everything. I still remember the shocking contrast, going from extremely well off, to poor.

I remember absolutely hating going to bed hungry, and having a lazy mother who didn’t even make an effort to provide for us.

This is when my entrepreneurial fire started burning.

I remember recognizing that no one was going to help me get better outcomes, and that I needed to get them for myself. This pushed me to earn my first entrepreneurial dollar at age 7, cutting grass when I could barely push the lawnmower.
I started hustling and making money at age 7, I haven’t stopped ever since.

Everyone who has AMBITION has a story like this. You can likely point back to some point in your life when you realized NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.
  • You aren’t going to win the lottery.
  • ​Your boss isn’t going to come to you out of the blue and give you a 200 percent raise.
  • ​No relatives are going to die and leave you all their cash.
No one is going to help you, you have to help yourself.

I can only relate to hardworking, smart and ambitious people who have this mentality. That’s why I only coach hardworking, smart and ambitious people. I wouldn’t dare try to help someone who doesn’t want to help themself. I’ve tried that in the past and learned that it is an unforgivable sin that will result in despair.

So, Why Should You Learn From Me?

Here’s my track record of elite success. You could enjoy similar (if not greater) levels of success if you get expert guidance and you are willing to put in the work.

Elite Education

I spent 9 years in universities, earning top honors all along the way.

I quit the only job I ever had when I was 19 and enrolled in my local community college, where I graduated with highest honors (Phi Theta Kappa) with my Associate’s Degree.

Because of my performance at community college, I got an academic scholarship to attend Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. I chose Bradley because Forbes had just ranked it the number one undergraduate entrepreneurship program in the country.

Upon graduation from Bradley, I achieved highest honors again. 11 people got outstanding academic achievement awards, and I was one of them. I graduated from Bradley with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majoring in Entrepreneurship, with minors in Psychology and Philosophy.
After Bradley, I took the GMAT and scored very well. With those scores, I applied, was accepted, and enrolled in The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business MBA Program.

I chose Booth, because it was the #1 ranked MBA program in the world (out of 416). During my time there, I got very good, not incredible, grades because I was still maintaining my businesses.

I graduated Booth with honors, made incredible connections with my professors, and I received the Dean’s Prize for building the Chicago Booth Brand. Only one person gets that trophy per year.
It was very competitive to go to these universities, and during my education, I got access to some of the best and brightest business minds in the world. I routinely share insights from my billionaire professors inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth.

Between my formal education, self improvement programs, and access to elite membership groups, I have spent over a million dollars on my education. This was the best money I ever spent. To this day, I still love learning and I will spend more money to learn more knowledge every day until I am dead.

Elite Track Record Of Success As A Serial Entrepreneur & Business Operator

I’ve built several of my own multi million dollar businesses in various niches, such as real estate, coaching, and live events. I’ve also been integral in helping innumerable friends and allies build their businesses to the same or even greater heights.
As a consultant, I have helped Fortune 500 executives and the top decision makers in the world solve complex problems.

Elite Track Record Of Success As An Investor

As an investor, just in these past two years, I made 30 million in the stock market, which is more than my entire net worth was two years ago.
These past two years were not a fluke, I’m a distressed investor, I was able to multiply my net worth in a similar fashion during the 2008/2009 financial crisis by buying an irresponsible amount of Las Vegas Sands Casino Stock, dollar cost averaged at about $4 per share. I sold that stake in late 2010 at an average price of about $40 per share.

I’ve shared my investing philosophies and exact trades with several of the winners enrolled in my Markets Mastery program. They too have seen fantastic results, propelling about a dozen of them to millionaire status.

I’ve Built A Luxury Lifestyle From Nothing & Earned My Freedom

I never dared to dream this big when I was young.
  • I am free to travel anywhere and everywhere I want to go. I routinely fly first-class to every corner of the globe, stay at the premier hotels of the world, eat at the finest restaurants, and I have experienced more than my fair share of the adventures the world has to offer.
  • ​I have regular access to some of the most sought-after business and social contacts IN THE WORLD. I have standing invitations to the best nightclubs in the world and VIP access to special events that others beg to be a part of.
  • ​My life is completely paid for. I could never work a single second going forward, and my stock dividends would cover my costs of living. I can go anywhere I want, do anything I want, and I don’t have to associate with anyone I don’t want to.

Elite Track Record As A Coach & Mentor

  • I’ve ascended to become one of the most in-demand wealth coaches in the world. I’ve helped thousands of men and women not only achieve, but far exceed their financial goals.
  • High-performers from a wide range of specialties have sought me out for my guidance (olympic athletes, royalty, high-level executives, etc.). Champions of all kinds continually seek me out for my guidance.
  • I’ve built a global network of top-performers across every continent on the planet. My Moneyberg Mastermind Network is filled with ambitious millionaires, and each day we all work to grow our collective social and business resources.
I can’t help average people build lives of true financial abundance and get results like mine.

You have to be serious, smart, educated, and willing to work.

You could do all I did and more if you're willing to invest your focus, your time, and your discipline.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m excited to show you the path. That’s why I made The Ten Commandments of Wealth, to show you the path and to save you from years of frustration employing the strategy of “guess and check” that I had to use when I was starting out.

All along my path, I’ve sought out the best mentors in the world to learn from. I’ve had two Nobel Prize winning professors, multi-billionaire professors, world champion boxing and MMA coaches, and numerous other high-quality teachers in my life.

Even today, I continually seek out the best mentors and allies. I routinely pay over $100,000 per year for access to private membership groups. Through these groups, I get to forge connections with other winners, and further distance myself from the middle class.

This is the only path to getting elite champion-level results and earning the freedom that the champions of money enjoy.

I can’t do the work for you, but I can make your journey down the path easier by showing you the dead ends and veiled pitfalls.
Enough about my success, we are here to talk about YOU, and your future success… you want to know if I can help you get where you want to go financially.

Don’t take my word for it, many of my clients have achieved success beyond their wildest dreams already, listen to what a few of my top clients have to say:

Your Wealth-Building Muscles Won't Get Big By Accident

The Ten Commandments Contains The Timeless Foundations You Must Learn To Grow Your Skills Over Time
The Ten Commandments of Wealth teaches the 10 irrefutable lessons that I wish I would have learned at the start of my wealth building journey.

This curriculum will instill in you the mindsets and habits you must acquire to make the money you know you are capable of making.

You know you can do a lot better.

To do better, you have to KNOW BETTER. The Ten Commandments of Wealth is where you’ll get the knowledge and guidance you need to reach your potential.

We’re in your corner with this program. You are the elite fighter, and we are your expert team giving you every tool you need, laying out your training program, your diet program, your study schedule, and preparing you to win consistently over the course of your career.

The Ten Commandments of Wealth shows you the money mistakes you don’t have to make. I’ve either made them personally, or I have learned from one of the best subject matter experts in the world what the best course of action is.

Inside this course, me and a collection of the smartest people I know will instill in you the ten core concepts you must master to know how to build real wealth over time. There is no other way. That’s why I am bringing these champions and field experts to you, to infect your mind with winning.

The Ten Commandments of Wealth Is 127+ Hours Of Deep-Dive Content, Workbooks, Exercises & Live Training To Put You On The Path To Having Your Financial Life Handled For Good.

Let’s Shine Some Light on What’s Waiting for You Inside:


Ten Core Training Modules

The Ten Commandments of Wealth Core Curriculum 10 Training Modules (23+ Hours Long)

This section is the heart and soul of this program.

These modules are dense, and they contain the irrefutable truths about money that you must understand if you want a lot of it.

Watch this section five times if you need to.

This isn’t just theory and book knowledge, this is the pragmatic, “how you can make money knowing that information” guidance. Some of these modules are taught by me, and some are taught by my featured guests.

These guests are the smartest people I know, and each of their modules will include my commentary after the primary lesson, so you will get my insights along with theirs.
  • Gain access to the exact tools you need to negotiate like Derek Moneyberg
  • Widen your profit margin by negotiating for better deals in your business ventures
  • ​​Free yourself from the chains of uncertainty and develop unshakeable confidence that will skyrocket you to financial success you never thought possible
From my experience helping hundreds of friends and clients with various salary negotiations, real estate negotiations, and innumerable other negotiations throughout my life, there are two things you MUST HAVE to be successful in a negotiation.

You need to BELIEVE you deserve what you are asking for, and you need to know the formula for building mutually beneficial relationships with your negotiation partners.

You won’t get what you want or deserve in your life, you’ll get what you negotiate for.

Why are people bad at negotiating for what they deserve in life?

Simple, they don’t believe in themselves.

The crippling doubt seeps into their mindset, and when it is time to seize an opportunity, those around that person can feel that they don’t even believe in themselves.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how could anyone else?

We need to get your mind right, and build the belief in yourself that you can ACTUALLY WIN if you put in the work.

Once I show you how to cultivate that confidence, then we can move into the pragmatic psychology of negotiations, and give you the best possible opportunity to negotiate for what you’re worth, AND MORE.
  • Learn the world’s best-by-test management strategies
  • ​Become a RESPECTED leader and craft a world-class team to help you blast past your most ambitious targets
  • ​Stop being ignored by those around you
Elon Musk isn’t on the assembly line soldering together rockets and cars. He is a world class recruiter and manager of talent.

You don’t make 200 BILLION without being extremely competent in evaluating humans, and their ability to produce profitable business outcomes within your organization.

That’s the goal with the management portion of this module. We’re going to help you develop the skills you need to attract allies, and build fruitful long-term business relationships.

Additionally, this module will dissect business strategy. If you don’t know how successful businesses strategize, you will absolutely NOT know how to make money building or investing in them.

If you don’t know how to manage a team, or even just manage yourself, you are nothing but a leaf drifting hopelessly in the wind. Once you go through this module you will be armed with the tools and secrets necessary to become a WORLD-CLASS manager.
  • Build acquisition funnels that will form the sturdy backbone of your revenue stream
  • ​Turn one-time buyers into lifelong customers
  • ​Minimize the pain and effort required to acquire and keep customers
This is where the SERIOUS money is made.

Brandon Carter will be your expert teacher in this module. During his career, he’s built several multimillion dollar business funnels, selling supplements, live events, and coaching.

Once you’re inside, you will get access to the VERY SAME techniques Brandon Carter used to bring in millions upon millions of dollars to his business.

If you don’t apply the wisdom in this module you will never be able to scale your business to a level that will give you the financial independence you desire.

If you do apply the lessons contained in this commandment, you'll reap massive rewards and leave your competition weeping in your dust.

Combine this guidance with your knowledge of ecommerce (which you will garner from module four) and you will be ready to build an empire online.
  • Learn absolutely everything you need to know about business on the internet
  • ​Unlock new massive revenue sources by tapping into the global market the RIGHT way
  • ​Avoid the pitfalls that leave businesses buried under their competitors on the online marketplace
If you aren’t currently leveraging the power of the internet to make money, you are falling behind.

In this module, you’ll learn the principles of how to find traffic, gather leads, convert them, and build a real business online.

The internet has leveled the playing field for the entire world. You’re competing with 12 year olds in India who are hungry in every sense of the word.

This module is going to get you started, and give you a framework for building your business online.

I don’t think there is a single thing in life more exciting than making your first entrepreneurial dollar, with this module, you’ll be able to build an online machine that will go out into the internet, find leads, convert them, and you’ll get that sweet dopamine spike when that sale comes through your cart.
  • Familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of business law
  • ​Protect your assets and maximize profitability by aligning yourself optimally with the legal structures currently in place
  • ​Avoid having the law used against you and potentially obliterating your life’s work
I routinely get questions on this topic, so I decided to bring you my expert attorney who I personally go to for advice when I have a question in this area.

Starting a business can be tricky if you’ve never done it. There’s extensive paperwork, and an endless stream of decisions you need to make.

If you aren’t careful in your initial setup, you will be paying higher taxes, and you will be vulnerable to someone stealing your property.

For this module, I’ve brought in my attorney who I’ve worked with for years to ensure my entities are set up for optimal tax considerations.

Additionally, we’ve worked through some serious intellectual property challenges and we have become extremely proficient in protecting my brand from those who want to steal my IP.

This module is going to answer all those questions you have, and give you the peace of mind to know you have made the right decision, and that your business, your primary wealth building engine is set up on the proper foundation, and that it is locked down and secure from would-be thieves.
  • Discover the key drivers behind why individual people make the economic decisions they do
  • ​Make business with YOU the rational decision
  • ​Stop feeling lost and confused about why people do and do not buy from you
This is Money 101. You don’t get to skip to advanced classes without getting an A+ in this module.

In this module you’re going to learn you can create the best possible outcomes utilizing the resources available to you.

This is where you’ll learn the psychology of money, how decisions are made, and how those decisions affect price, supply, demand, and other economic systems.

You can’t ignore facts and have elite outcomes at something. You need to be tuned in to the cold, hard realities of how humans behave in an economy, and how to best position yourself to be valuable to them.

This module is where you’ll build the foundational frameworks and mental structures in your head that will allow you to make confident decisions for yourself.
  • Learn the way money moves on a global scale and what this means for your business
  • ​Become recession proof and exploit economic expansions
  • ​Avoid being caught off guard by macroeconomic factors and events
Here, you’re going to learn how money moves around the world.

If you aren’t tuned into global growth rates, inflationary pressures, and other macroeconomic trends, you are vulnerable to losing a ton of money in the markets.

On the other hand, when you can see the shifts before other people, you can profit immensely.

If you can’t think about supply and demand and economics, you can’t possibly make a good decision that will provide a win for you in the future.

Again and again, businesses underprepared for macroeconomic events such as recessions go bust FAST.

Once you get inside the Ten Commandments of Wealth and go through this module, you’ll know everything you need to know to operate effectively whatever the macroeconomic circumstances may be.
  • Learn the basics of finance and accounting to fuel your dream business
  • ​Make better investment decisions through competent analysis of financial statements
  • ​Remove financial tumors before they grow and kill your business
Warren Buffett routinely refers to accounting as “the language of business.” If you don’t understand accounting, you can’t speak the language, and you don’t understand the business.

If you can’t read and deeply comprehend a balance sheet, an income statement, and every other financial statement, you can’t possibly make good decisions and be an effective leader of a business, or invest in one.

If you want to ascend to the executive level of any organization, you must be able to communicate with the CFO, if you can’t you won’t be respected.

This module is going to get you extremely comfortable with the language of business, so you are never intimidated by the numbers.

Going further, our study of finance in this module will help you manage your personal or business finances for optimal outcomes.

Learn about investing, leverage, budgeting, and how you can turn capital invested into cash flow.

If you don’t learn the lessons in this module, there is a 100% chance that you fail to build real wealth, and you will have to accept your lower place in the economy.
  • Understand the most important statistical concepts that drive business and investment success
  • ​Use statistics to help your business make decisions and calculate the probability of outcomes
  • ​Avoid emotional decision making by developing a rationale based on data rather than intuition
If you don’t understand statistics, you can't understand the probability of an outcome, and you can’t possibly make a good business decision that will lead to a desired outcome.

With this module we want to make it possible for you to analyze real-world business problems with actual data so you can determine things like:
  • Is this marketing strategy actually working?
  • ​What is the optimal price to charge for this product or service?
  • ​Based on a sample of my customers, what is the probability they would buy more X widgets from me if I added a new Y feature?
You can’t manage what you don’t measure. With this module, you're going to learn how to measure key data points correctly, use those insights to build businesses, and invest your capital wisely.
  • Discover the bedrock principles of effective marketing
  • ​Create an ICONIC brand that is consistent with your marketing and offering
  • ​Fix your pathetically performing promotions
Without proper marketing, no one will even know you exist.

In this module, I’m going to give you my playbook for marketing, building a brand, and making sure that the RIGHT PEOPLE find you and your business.

The money you want is out there in the world in someone else’s pocket. This section is going to teach you the fundamentals for identifying your target market, being valuable to them, and how to present them with your compelling offer.

An excellent marketer makes the right people come and keeps the wrong people away.

Take great care to adhere to the principles outlined in this module, and you’ll be rewarded with a large and loyal customer base that joyfully sings your praises.

If you’re in a marketing or sales-based career, this module will be worth thousands if not millions of dollars to you.


20 Client Success Case Studies

The Moneyberg Client Success Case Studies 20 Client Interviews (20+ Hours Long)

This is where the rubber meets the road.

During these 20 deep-dive sessions, you’re going to get stories and lessons from my very best clients. These are men and women from all walks of life who live by The Ten Commandments of Wealth and get extreme results.

These are the smartest and most accomplished people I know. Their knowledge and experience spans a vast array of industries and niches. Just one insight you get from one of these winners could make you millions.

You can’t pay for access to these individuals, they are too busy building businesses, making deals, and investing their way to freedom. They have all done me a personal favor by sharing their knowledge inside this program. Get inside and get these 20 deep-dive success stories so you can model what works.


10 Group Training Zoom Calls

The Ministry of Wealth
10 Live Group Zoom Calls (20+ Hours Long)

Use these weekly calls as your northern star to navigate yourself through the onslaught of course content that is contained inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth.

These weekly calls are how you will ensure that you devour every last lesson The Ten Commandments of Wealth has to offer.

These calls will be led every week by the Moneyberg coaching team, these coaches have worked directly with Derek for years, as they have the skills to guide you through every stage of the curriculum and learning process.

Once you are inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth, SHOW UP WEEKLY for these valuable calls, they will ensure you progress through the course at the appropriate speed and that you STAY ACCOUNTABLE to your goals.

Additionally, these live Zoom calls are your opportunity to get known inside the Moneyberg ecosystem. Ask intelligent questions every week and the other winners on that call will take notice. This facilitates your opportunity to connect with new allies inside the Ten Commandments of Wealth Discord Group Chat.


Discord Group Chat

Ten Commandments Discord Group Chat

If used correctly, this course feature could be THE MOST VALUABLE part of the entire program.

This is a global community of likeminded individuals for you to align with.

What's the best way to connect with the other winners inside this chat? That's simple, deliver VALUE.

This is a great resource to come and ask questions and get feedback from group, but more importantly, it is your opportunity to contribute your knowledge and signal to the others that you are someone to make money with.

This is the best place on the planet to find the other ambitious business allies, contractors, interns, tech developers, and professionals you'll need as you climb higher and higher on your journey to lasting wealth and success.


The World Champions Interview Series

The World Champions Interview Series (50 Champion Interviews, 57+ Hours Long)

Get 50 deep dive interviews with elite champion top performers. Hear their stories and discover the habits, mindsets, and formulas that took them to the TOP OF THE WORLD in their sport.

Most people have a naive misperception about champions. They think all the stars aligned and everything was perfect for them to win. No, that’s not how it works. You’d be lucky if things were 85% good on the day you won your belt or got your gold medal.

The question at hand is: What does it ACTUALLY TAKE to become a world champion?

What did all these champions have to say no to, so they could get the things they wanted most in life?

These interviews feature three Olympic Gold Medal Winners, seven UFC Hall of Famers, 15 current and former MMA World Champions, two World Champion Boxers, two Jiu-Jitsu World Champions, two Super Bowl Champions, an NFL MVP, and a two NCAA Division I All-Americans.

Do not underestimate the power of this section. When you are learning from these champions, you’re also learning from the champions that they learned from.

When Pauli Malignaggi shares his insights, you’re getting lessons from Sugar Ray Leonard, and all the other champions he learned from and studied along his climb to the top of the boxing world.


Tito Ortiz is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame and one of the biggest and brightest stars in UFC history. During one stretch of dominance, he successfully defended his UFC Light Heavyweight title five times, holding it for three and a half years.

Tito’s story starts with his difficult childhood, which has many parallels to my upbringing.

Like me, he learned very early in life that if he wanted something, he had to go out and get it himself.

The government cheese, and the food stamps were unsatisfactory for him, so he started his entrepreneurial engine at 11 years old, skipping school to make $50 selling fish so he could buy food.

In High School, he excelled in wrestling. The discipline he cultivated during his training changed his life, and ultimately that momentum propelled him to the top of the UFC .

Tito’s an incredible father, fighter, and entrepreneur. Get inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth and discover how he was able to build a champion life.


Chuck was a primary driver in pushing the sport of MMA to the masses. He's a former five-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who has since been inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

He's one of the toughest men on earth, and to this day he remains one of MMAs biggest brands and brightest stars.

We sat down to talk about mental toughness, motivation, and the mindsets you must cultivate to become a world-class fighter or entrepreneur.

This interview holds the key ideas to becoming a ruthlessly tough individual, mastering the fundamentals, and rising to the very top of your craft.


Randy Couture is a truly exceptional man who has accomplished over the course of his lifetime what a dozen average men cumulatively accomplish in theirs.

His accomplishments include:
  • Earning the rank of Sergeant in the U.S. Army
  • ​Being a six-time UFC World Champion, and subsequently being placed in the UFC Hall of Fame
  • ​Winning a gold medal in the Pan-American games
  • ​Starring alongside world-famous actors in blockbuster hits such as The Expendables and Setup
  • ​Founding the most recognizable MMA Gym Chain in the world, Xtreme CoutureXtreme Couture
In collecting these sorts of accolades, Randy has gained some powerful insights on what it takes to stay calm during adversity, push yourself to the limit and how to overcome failure.

This interview will implant these rare, golden nuggets of knowledge deep into your psyche and give you a significant advantage over your competition.

You will learn how Randy took the lessons he learned from his legendary MMA career, and leveraged that experience for elite business success.


Michael Bisping is a UFC Hall of Fame inductee, former two-time UFC Light Heavyweight World Champion, and current UFC commentator.

In this interview, Michael opened up about his childhood, how he worked several odd jobs and, crucially, what lead him to find an unwavering sense of purpose and drive in his life.

We discussed the critical concepts Bisping adopts to blaze past the competition by making work feel easy. Without these in place, you will find yourself unmotivated, tired and hopelessly inefficient.

This interview cannot be missed by those who are looking for a sense direction in their life and those seeking to minimize stress and maximize productivity whilst attaining world-champion level outcomes.


Forrest is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and member of the UFC Hall of Fame. He won the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, and helped catalyze the global popularity of MMA as a sport.

He had an incredible career as a prizefighter, and is currently the Vice President of Athlete Development at the UFC Performance Institute.

Forrest’s story includes years of “enjoyed suffering” where he didn’t have money for groceries. 11 months into being a rookie police officer, he got his opportunity in the form of a call to be a replacement on The Ultimate Fighter. He took his shot, won the show, and this kickstarted his MMA career.

When Forrest started in MMA, hard work and showing up were enough. NOW, with advancements in training and the technology that is on your phone, everybody has the opportunity to improve at a FASTER RATE.

Top fighters today have to work hard AND smart. During this interview, Forrest delivers his unique perspective on the mindsets and training habits of elite athletes, all interwoven in his personal stories and insights from his incredible career.

Get inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth and learn from this extraordinarily high performing individual.


“Whatever I do, I want to be number one.”

There isn't a more respected name in Jiu-Jitsu than Gracie. Royce and his family are world-renowned for their creation of the Gracie or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style.

Royce is a legendary figure in both MMA and Jiu-Jitsu history, having won the first ever UFC championship and going on to win three in total.

Widely regarded as the most influential figure in UFC history, Royce built one of the most successful careers ever in fighting.

He has a lifetime of lessons to pass on to you, focusing on humility and cultivating an insatiable drive to win.

This interview will help lead you into your future endeavors calmer, more focused, and with a more efficient attitude towards success.


Daniel Cormier is a wrestling and MMA legend and current commentator for the UFC.

DC earned his spot in the UFC Hall of Fame after becoming the second fighter in UFC history to hold simultaneous titles in separate weight classes, and the first fighter ever to have title defenses across divisions.

He also owns a mind-blowing wrestling record, being a multi-time Pan-American champion and Olympic competitor.

This is a "can’t miss" interview that will walk you through overcoming the pain you will surely face on your journey to top-level success.


Demetrious Johnson is an MMA icon who has been an astonishingly consistent champion-level performer throughout his career. He is a 12-TIME UFC Flyweight Champion, currently holding the record for the most consecutive title defenses in UFC history.

Not only does this interview contain the key mental drivers that led Demetrious to astounding levels of success, it also contains invaluable insights from Demetrious and I on current market and economic opportunities that you can take advantage of RIGHT NOW.

Demetrious is the current ONE Flyweight Champion.


Cris Cyborg held an absolutely staggering 14 year undefeated win streak, all while fighting against the world’s toughest women, making her widely regarded as one of the greatest female mixed martial artists of all time.

In addition to being the current Bellator Women’s Featherweight Champion, and being ranked #1 in their women’s pound-for-pound rankings, she is also a former UFC, Strikeforce, and Invicta FC Featherweight Champion, making her the only fighter (male or female) in MMA history to win championships from 4 major MMA promotions.

This interview is an absolute can’t-miss, as it covers the vital drivers behind Cris’ staggering success that can lead YOU to a similar level of outcome in your own field.


Dustin Poirier
UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin Poirier has hands down one of the most recognizable names in MMA. Dustin is a prime example of the kind of effort it takes to truly master your craft and the ‘no nonsense’ approach to getting things done. In this exclusive interview, Dustin unveils the resilience, grit, and passion that have become the cornerstone of his professional and personal journey.


Michael is a six-time Bellator MMA Lightweight Champion, and Division I All-American Wrestler. 

He helped build the Bellator organization for a decade, being featured in its bigger and better fights. He recently transitioned organizations and is currently dominating in the UFC.

Michael is the opposite of an overnight success. He’s been a pillar of consistency in the fight game for 13 years, and now, after over a decade of dedication, he’s on top.

His dedication to his sport is a prime example of what it takes to win at the highest level. He trains obsessively and has switched training camps four times in his career, moving across the country after knowing the coaches and training partners around him were no longer able to help push him to get to the next level.

Michael is the definition of a professional, he shows up and gets results no matter what the circumstances.

Currently while training for a fight, he moves his life to Florida because that’s where the best coaches are, the best training partners are, the best facilities are.

During this interview, you’re going to get inside the mind of a premier fighter, and know what he says to himself as he prepares to walk to the cage in front of millions watching on pay-per-view.

Take notes on Michael’s cerebral approach, his planning, his systems building, and the action steps that he takes to prepare himself at the highest level.

You’re going to learn how a true professional leaves no stone left unturned in his fight preparation. He’s giving you the blueprint for getting champion results, and you’ll be able to model his strategies for success in your life and vocation.


Kamaru Usman ascended to the top of the MMA world with an incredible 19 fight win streak which included winning the UFC Welterweight Championship six times.

Famed for his talent, work ethic, and intelligence, Kamaru holds a truly fascinating perspective on success that any ambitious individual will greatly benefit from knowing.

At a young age, Kamaru realized that in order to achieve exceptional outcomes, he was going to have to engage in exceptional efforts.

Kamaru revealed the specifics of how he overcame the plethora of obstacles, such as peer pressure and an onslaught of distractions, in his journey to becoming number one.

This interview will help you understand the nitty-gritty details of what a champion lifestyle truly looks like, and will give you the tools you need to replicate similar systems in your own life to achieve greater prosperity, accomplishment and happiness.


Glover Teixeira is known for beating up the toughest men of his generation.

Glover recently relinquished his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship Belt after he became the oldest first-time UFC champion EVER (42 years old).

During this interview, we spoke about staying calm in adverse situations that would cause most people to panic and lose their cool.

We also covered the concepts of loyalty when it comes to success, and the invaluable process of cultivating steadfast, unbreakable discipline.

This interview gives you the unique, no-fluff approach to building and maintaining the discipline required for outstanding performance.


Valentina Shevchenko has one of the most impressive athletic records on Earth. An 8 time champion in the UFC alone, she is a 40 time champion across MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Judo, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai, and has the most consecutive wins in UFC women’s flyweight division history.
There is a PLETHORA of golden wisdom to be imparted on you within this interview, from goal setting to the major pitfalls on the journey to building a world class skillset.


Vitor Belfort
Vitor Belfort is an MMA legend and light heavyweight champion who played a pivotal role in building the UFC brand up to what it is today. Vitor’s story serves as an inspiring blueprint for achieving high-level success in any area. Once you’re inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth, don’t miss the chance to gain insights from one of the most impactful figures in MMA history.


“Find those who have been extremely successful who can help you. A lot of people who have been successful enjoy sharing their knowledge with the next generation. Find someone who already did what you want to do, so they can show you the way.”

Jake was a star in the UFC, as well as a Shooto, Strikeforce, and EliteXC Champion. He once won 15 straight MMA fights in a row, during which he defeated five UFC champions, won five world titles and beat up some of the best fighters ever.

Jake is currently my primary MMA/Jiu-Jitsu trainer.

Jake climbed to the top of the MMA world, and along the way, he said no to family, friends, and everything that didn’t help him accomplish his goals. He moved his entire life to be closer to the best coaches, and dedicated everything to reach the top.

In this session, Jake gives his insights on how to:
  • How to build an extreme work ethic, maintain complete dedication, and be consistent over the course of YEARS.
  • ​Find coaches who can help you grow.
  • ​Find friends who can relate to your work ethic, and support your high level goals.
  • ​Build teammate relationships where you push each other and where you feel good pressure to work harder so you don’t let them down.
  • ​Map out your direction so you aren’t doing “random hard work” that isn’t precisely aimed at getting you closer to your goal.


Frank is a 2-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. He holds the record for most UFC heavyweight submissions and finishes, and he owns the longest uninterrupted UFC tenure of any fighter.

In this interview, Frank reveals the right way to overcome the inevitable anxiety that you will face on your success journey.

Not only does Frank reveal the keys to defeating anxiety, he also opens up about being relentlessly motivated in tough situations.

Once you get inside The Ten Commandments, this interview will help you install Frank’s toughness, resilience, and work ethic deep inside your brain.


Michelle Waterson, aka the Karate Hottie, is a former multi-time Invicta FC Champion and current fighter in the UFC.

Michelle grew up practicing martial arts, and got serious about MMA in college. Michelle was a Hooters girl and MMA ring girl when a chance meeting with Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was the catalyst for her to start her MMA training. After one year, she turned pro.

During this interview, she shares several stories that are prime examples of the dedication it takes to become a world champion.

After her pregnancy, she worked herself back into fighting shape in 10 months, bringing her newborn baby to the gym, and chipping away at her goal every day.

She routinely invested into her training, missing time with family, friends, and skipping holidays, all so she could accomplish something great and build a legacy for her family.


Junior is a two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion and he still holds the longest win streak ever in the UFC heavyweight division at 9 wins in a row.

Junior's punching power was feared in the UFC, as he piled up the 2nd most knockouts ever in the UFC heavyweight division (10 in total).

During this interview, Junior shares why the harder path typically produces better results. Dive into this talk and learn how you can consistently outpace your competition in difficult situations.


Miesha started off competing as the only woman in an otherwise all male wrestling team, where for years she was under immense pressure to quit.

From these beginnings, she fought her way to the top of MMA, becoming a Bantamweight Champion in both the UFC and Strikeforce.

In this interview, Miesha demonstrates exactly how she was able to not only survive, but excel in a hostile environment – a challenge every aspiring multi-millionaire has to overcome.

After internalizing the lessons included inside this interview, you will understand everything you need to know about fighting against the odds and the sheer power of all-out commitment.


Joanna Jędrzejczyk is not only a FIVE-TIME Muay Thai World Champion, but a SIX-TIME UFC Strawweight Champion with the most Strawweight wins in UFC history.

Joanna goes in depth not only on creating a legacy, but on developing the mindset that will help you stay at the top once you reach it.

This interview is invaluable for those already at a high level looking to sustain and grow their success even further.


Cody “No Love” Garbrandt burst onto the UFC scene with an 11 fight win streak culminating in him winning the UFC Bantamweight Belt.

Cody has an amazing story to tell, and opens up about the indispensable factors that were crucial to the massive success he’s achieved over his lifetime.

This interview will not only detail how to optimize every moment to maximize your results, but, crucially, it will also show you a massively overlooked mindset shift that champions use to supercharge their results in everyday life.


Luke Rockhold is one of MMA’s most highly respected individuals.

Luke is a renowned four-time world champion who has competed across 3 weight divisions in both the UFC and Strikeforce.

In this interview, Luke reveals the key concepts you can start utilizing today to go from average to elite results in your own area of expertise.


Earning an incredible 18 fight win streak, and stacking the most consecutive wins in Bellator history, AJ is a former Bellator Featherweight Champion and he's currently the #3 fighter in its men’s pound-for-pound rankings.

AJ has the stated goal of becoming the best fighter in the world, and this mindset pays, demonstrated by the incredible record he’s forged for himself.

AJ spoke to the origin of his calmness and how he developed it, as well as the vital importance of self-reflection in growth and as a part of reaching exceptional levels of success.

Having cashed in a $1,000,000 check from fighting in his 20s, AJ is well versed in building a million dollar skillset, and once you get inside the Ten Commandments of Wealth, this interview will share with you some of the golden insights of taking your skills to the next level of profitability.


Andrei ‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski is a four-time UFC Heavyweight Champion with the most wins ever in that division. Andrei is undeniably an extremely tough individual who sticks to his principles. Once you’re inside the Ten Commandments of Wealth, use this interview to absorb the hard-earned wisdom from this seasoned warrior for overcoming life's toughest challenges, whether they be within yourself or in the external environment.


Carla Esparza
Carla Esparza is multi-time women’s strawweight champion at the UFC and one of the toughest women alive. Known for her wrestling prowess, Carla provides a riveting account of the obstacles she faced on her journey and the principles you must adhere to in order to build your reputation as a person who gets things done no matter what inconveniences arise. This dialogue hosts a WEALTH of knowledge that you can apply specifically for building a brand that is synonymous with consistent quality.


Aung La Nsang
'Burmese Python' Aung La Nsang, ONE championship two-division champion, shares his own personal drivers for success. Tap into this treasure trove of champion wisdom and apply the principles inside to propel you forward on your own path to victory.


Dan Henderson
Dan Henderson is a 5 time champion across the UFC, Pride FC, and Strikeforce, as well as a UFC Hall of Fame inductee and an MMA OG. In this comprehensive interview, Dan and I discuss the value of role models and the effort level that will be required to achieve your full potential. Dan’s journey is one of perseverance and commitment, get inside and download these key lessons directly into your brain and blast past your competition.


Frankie Edgar
Frankie Edgar is a four-time UFC Champion and a titan of MMA. In this conversation, Frankie and I discuss the level of consistency that will be required for you to achieve your highest ambitions, as well as the value of mentorship. Take what you learn seriously so that you can set the power of compounding gains in your favor, and not have it work against you.


Bellator welterweight champion Logan Storley offers extraordinary insight into what can be achieved through focused dedication. In this illuminating interview, we talked about the common principles that underlie success in any realm of endeavor. Take the insights in this interview to become a valuable asset to your mentors so that you can make best use of their expertise.


Lyoto Machida
Two-time UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida opens up about the philosophies rooted in old Japanese wisdom that have guided his life both in and out of the octagon. This interview covers the importance of patience and how to THRIVE in the modern world of instant gratification. Apply the knowledge you gain inside to your day-to-day habits to maximize productivity and evict distraction out of your life.


Robbie Lawler
As a three-time UFC welterweight champion, Robbie Lawler has developed a fierce focus on achieving his goals, and is not known for giving many interviews. As such, in this exclusive dialogue, Robbie imparts his rare and valuable wisdom on success that extends far beyond the octagon. Use these wise insights into delayed gratification, longevity, and focus to launch you ahead towards that life of your desire.


During Apolo’s career, he earned EIGHT olympic medals (two gold, two silver, and four bronze) at the Winter Olympics, making him the most decorated American Winter Olympian OF ALL TIME.

During this session we’ll get inside the mind of an all time great. What makes Apolo unique is that he was able to make that impossible climb to the top of his sport, and STAY THERE.

Discover how he cultivated the extreme diet and training discipline to transform his body and extended his career to span three olympics.


“If you’re going to wait for everything to be perfect, and all the ducks are in a row, you’re going to be 90 and the opportunities will have come and gone.”

Simply put, Kerri is the most dominant female athlete OF ALL TIME, EVER.

She has three Olympic beach volleyball gold medals and one bronze.

Her success on the sand is unrivaled as she is beach volleyball’s career leader in both career victories and earnings. Her and her long time partner Misty May-Treanor once went on an unparalleled winning streak of 112 matches in a row.

Kerri grew up in a vastly different environment than me. She is one of five kids, and her parents were both athletes. Competition was at the foundation of her family, as she watched her parents compete as she grew up. Her parents are positive role models for her in her life. They showed her what is possible and the spectrum of emotions that you have when you follow your dreams and do what you love.

During this session, we’re going to explore Kerri’s philosophies on high-level team work, the importance of mastering the fundamentals of your craft, and how to get professional results no matter what the circumstances.

Don’t skip through this one, as Kerri reveals some nuanced and illuminating strategies that you can model to get shit done and become a top performer at the top of your game.


Henry is a SIX-TIME UFC Champion and an Olympic Gold Medalist in wrestling.

Henry is one of only four UFC fighters to have ever held titles in two different weight classes simultaneously, and he's one of only two fighters to defend titles in two different weight divisions. He's the ONLY PERSON EVER to have won both an Olympic Gold Medal and a UFC Belt.

Like me, Henry was dissatisfied growing up as a child on welfare, and soon cultivated an insatiable desire for success.

In this interview, we discuss the key moments when we decided “This is it. I am going to be different.”

We dive deep into the details of the work that goes into achieving champion-level outcomes, with Henry revealing his specific training plan and philosophies.

We also spoke about the most efficient way to develop a solid reputation that will draw some of the world’s hardest to reach people into your life, and the two reasons why most people end up failing at life.

This interview shows an invaluable perspective on success that cannot be missed by anyone serious about attaining genuine levels of prosperity in their life.


Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medalist, WWE icon, and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, unravels his absolutely astonishing feats of mental toughness across his career. This interview is going to be especially poignant for you if you are a resilient individual looking to take your resolve to the next level and outwork your competition past their breaking point.


Marshall's long list of accomplishments includes: Super Bowl XXXIV Champion, NFL Most Valuable Player, NFL Rookie of the Year, three-time Offensive Player of the Year, SEVEN-TIME Pro-Bowl Selection, and Member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

Halfway through Marshall’s career, the Indianapolis Colts refused to renegotiate his contract and traded him to the St. Louis Rams, after which he continued his dominance, contributing to Kurt Warner’s improbable MVP in 1999, then getting his own MVP Trophy the very next season.

Playing running back in the NFL is one of the most physically demanding positions in all of sports. During his storied career, he picked up bumps and bruises along the way, but as a true professional does, he consistently produced at an elite level for his team.

Marshall is also known for his intelligence, winning academic awards in college, and he continually has former coaches and teammates remark on how deep his knowledge of football runs.

Get inside The Ten Commandments, and learn from this legend as he lays out proven universal principles that you MUST understand to be great in your field.


Josh was a member of the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans during his 168 game NFL career.

He's a former NFL Punter, who won his Super Bowl ring playing for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Having played in the Canadian Football League, he is also a former Grey Cup Champion and two-time CFL All-Star.

Josh spoke in-depth on how his experience with his coach formed his experience and molded his success, and revealed the must-know leadership strategies vital for leaders and team members alike to adhere to.

Additionally, Josh and I unveiled the specific communication skills people tend to neglect to their own detriment, and spoke about the importance of selecting who is on your team.

Get inside the Ten Commandments of Wealth, and familiarize yourself with these strategies before your competition does.


Carlos is a friend I’ve known for over a decade. He’s a great father, a great friend, a former NFL Placekicker, and he’s a winner. He was raised with an immigrant mentality, and this drove him to top-level success.

He’s a three-time NCAA Division I College Football National Champion, a Division I All-American, and a Grey Cup Champion as a professional in the CFL.

He was a primary piece to the Miami Hurricanes' storied era of dominance in college football. He was a walk-on, who worked his ass off, became a four year starter, won National Championships, and earned All-American honors.

Along his journey, he had the best teachers and coaches. He has an MBA education, and his college coach, Jimmy Johnson is an NFL Hall of Famer, College Football Hall of Famer, muti-time College Football Champion, and multi-time Super Bowl Champion.

He has a ton of experience in real estate, having put together 50 million dollar deals and profiting immensely from them. He’s got a lifetime of insights for you to learn from, and you’ll get access inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth.


Paulie is a World Champion Boxer who held championships in two weight classes, including the IBF junior welterweight title from 2007 to 2008, and the WBA welterweight title from 2012 to 2013.

Paulie is currently my personal boxing coach.

Paulie is a prime example of this universal truth: WORKING HARD NOT ENOUGH. 

He had the hunger and discipline to work his ass off, AND the wisdom to seek out the best coaches, trainers, and sparring partners early in his career.

He honed his skills training with the best fighters and trainers in the world at one of the best boxing gyms in the world – Gleason’s Gym in New York.

Through gritty work, and expert coaching, Paulie climbed to the top of the boxing world, twice.

Hear his story of how he went from watching a 1997 title fight in Madison Square Garden from the nosebleed seats, to being in the same exact ring, in Madison Square Garden fighting for the world title 9 years later.


Riddick Bowe is an undisputed iconic boxing legend. He reigned as the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion in 1992.

As an amateur, he won a silver medal in the Super Heavyweight division at the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Riddick started training boxing at the age of 13, and was soon running 3 miles before school, and hitting the gym after.

His training paid off, and he went on to become the first fighter to ever get a belt in all four major boxing organizations, holding a mind-blowing 45-1 record.

We spoke about the key concepts that lead him to become one of the most recognizable American figures of the 90s and the role your mindset plays in developing the consistency that will set you far apart from your competition.


David Benavidez
Undefeated professional boxer and WBC champion David Benavidez has a unique and highly valuable perspective on both professional sports and business. In this interview, gems were dropped across a wide range of topics, from how you can deal with your setbacks to the best strategies for investing in real estate in the modern day.


Jamie Mitchell
Jamie Mitchell is a WBA boxing champion with a story that will destroy any remaining pathetic excuses you may have for not putting in the work and living a better life. In this interview, we go over the foundational experiences that drove both of us toward success from less than ideal circumstances. If you had a troubled upbringing, make sure you catch this one so that you can learn to leverage that experience to help you rather than hinder you.


Gordon Ryan is called the “King” of No-Gi Grappling and BJJ for a reason.

In addition to being a 5 time ADCC Champion, he is a 58-time Jiu-Jitsu Champion, currently on a 44 match win streak. Out of 164 professional matches, he has an astounding 152 wins.

Few have EVER reached this level of winning in the entire history of sports.

Watch this interview and start pushing your progress higher. Model the same exact habits he implemented to reach unparalleled levels of consistent success.


A 21-time Jiu-Jitsu Champion, Garry is currently a Featherweight ONE Championship Competitor.

We spoke on the self-reflection that creates champions, and the methods you can use RIGHT NOW to develop a high level of clarity needed in your life to gain a true sense of purpose and direction.

Get inside The Ten Commandments now and you will have access to this golden interview as well as so many other keys to kickstarting your success.


Cláudia Gadelha is a multi-time jiu-jitsu world champion, former UFC strawweight competitor and all around badass.

In this interview, Cláudia opens up about her journey from young girl in a Brazilian favela to world class martial artist. One of the pioneers who brought women’s martial arts to the world stage, her unique story is one of unwavering determination. When you’re inside, be sure to take notes and start applying the lessons you learn from Cláudia immediately.


Gilbert Burns
Gilbert Burns is a jiu-jitsu LEGEND and one of the highest ranked fighters in the UFC. This conversation covers some of the key similarities between success in fighting and success in business. Use these parallels as examples on how to carry over skills you’ve built in other areas of life to the realm of wealth building.


Few – if any – coaches in the history of sport have trained as many world champions as Henri has.

Founder of the legendary Sanford MMA Gym, Henri’s coaching career hails from his background as a kickboxer with over 100 professional fights.

Among Henri’s students are some of MMA’s most respected champions – Henri provides invaluable insights into what it takes to manage a world-class team, and maintain your position at the top over time.

If you’re looking to build a ruthlessly effective team or rise to the very top of your field, this interview is your golden ticket to getting there.


Dewey Cooper
Dewey Cooper is undeniably a standout personality and has acquired a wealth of effective philosophies over his kickboxing and combat sports coaching career. Dewey grew up in a rough environment and in this interview, he expands on how he used that motivation to reach the level of success that he has today. This interview also covers the key topics of motivation and expectation of self – areas that you NEED to have handled before reaching worthwhile wealth.


Flex Lewis
One of the biggest names in bodybuilding history, Flex Lewis holds a mind-blowing record as being crowned Mr. Olympia seven times over. There’s a lot to unpack behind that degree of accomplishment, and in this conversation Flex does not hold back. An unmistakably genuine character, Flex’s views on building a life of your own design are practical and proven. Make sure you’re paying full attention so you don’t miss any nuggets of wisdom dropped in this game-changing dialogue.


The Three Sacred Questions Guidebook

The Three Sacred Questions Guidebook

This two-day exercise has changed the lives of THOUSANDS around the globe. The Three Sacred Questions is newly updated and contains 60 pages of thought-provoking guidance to help YOU develop a crystal clear vision of your goals, and lay out a precise plan to ensure you accomplish what you want most in life.
Thousands of men and women all around the world have used this simple and ruthlessly effective guided workbook to gain more clarity surrounding these three questions:
  • WHO they really are
  • ​WHAT they want to accomplish
  • ​HOW to best structure their lives to reach and exceed their goals
You can’t even set a goal (let alone reach one) until you can answer those three questions in crystal clear detail.

That’s what the The Three Sacred Questions Guidebook will help you do.

After you complete this introspective odyssey, you will work a lot harder toward accomplishing your goals, because you will know that they are ACTUALLY YOUR GOALS, and not some half-thought-out path of least resistance that you stumbled upon.

I routinely get messages and feedback that this bonus ALONE is worth the price of the program.

If you don’t know who you are and you don’t know what you want, you will NEVER attain success in business, relationships, or life in general. Imagine a blind person shooting a gun, they can’t hit a target they CAN’T SEE.

This workbook is newly updated and contains 60 pages of deep-dive exercises that are going to help you clarify your goals, and lay out a precise plan to ensure you accomplish what you want most in your financial life.

Here’s what my star clients have to say about the Three Sacred Questions Guidebook:



The 30-Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook

The Goal Accelerator Guidebook

Get 68 pages of goal setting and goal catalyzing structure to ensure your first 30 days inside The Ten Commandments will kickstart your progress and launch you sprinting toward your goals.
My updated 30-Day Goal Accelerator Guidebook will lock you into the same exact daily habits that I have personally used for decades to build my wealth.

This interactive workbook is 68 pages of goal setting and goal catalyzing content to ensure that you are LOCKED IN during your first 30 days inside The Ten Commandments and that you start forming productive habits.

I’ve personally done these exercises every single morning and night for almost 20 years. If you do this step-by-step journaling for 15 minutes per day, for 30 days after answering The Three Sacred Questions, there’s no going back to a less than phenomenal life.


Ten Commandments 52-Week Challenge

The Ten Commandments Of Wealth
52-Week Challenge

Consider this asset your “52 Weeks To Freedom” step-by-step financial success roadmap. This week-by-week workbook lays out the essential habits, landmarks, and pragmatic do-this-today guidance that will help KEEP YOU ACCOUNTABLE to yourself and on track to reaching your success.
This bonus is your "52 Weeks To Freedom" step-by-step success roadmap, calendar, and guide.

Each week will present a new lesson to learn, a new challenge for you to conquer, and a new weapon to procure for your growing arsenal of wealth-building skills. Inside you will get a one-year calendar to make sure you are executing critical steps and making the same precise progress that your peers are making in their development.

You will know exactly what you should be accomplishing and by what time it should be accomplished by.

You will know with TOTAL CLARITY if your results are advanced or retarded relative to others who have the same knowledge and wisdom shared with you. The 52 Week Challenge won’t let you slack off and make excuses anymore. You will KNOW if you are on schedule, ahead of schedule, or failing badly. I would have killed to have this vital tool during my first year.


Bruce Buffer Exclusive

Bruce Buffer Interview

Bruce is a national treasure. He’s been a veteran announcer for the UFC for THREE DECADES, and a paragon of professional consistency and execution. Go on YouTube and search “Best Bruce Buffer Introductions” and you’ll witness him energize, excite and electrify audiences of 20,000 people. He’s the best to ever announce, and he’s an incredible businessman with a lifetime of career-accelerating advice to help you along your journey.
Bruce Buffer is a national treasure and the best announcer in all of sports.

He’s been a model professional announcer with the UFC since its inception. Throughout his career, he’s been remarkably consistent, as he’s never missed a fight in 25 years. He’s had fights where he announced with laryngitis, a 104 degree fever, a blown out back, a torn ACL, and the show went on.

Bruce is the exact type of person that I love to bring to you to learn from. Very few people have the discipline it takes to be that consistent and to perform at their highest level every time, no matter what, for DECADES.

In this interview you’re going to learn how Bruce earned his position in the UFC, through persistence, dedication, and proving to everyone every single night that he deserves the job.

You’ll get his insights on how he managed his brother Michael Buffer’s career, and the philosophies he used to keep “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble” relevant for decades.

From this session, you’re going to get a model that you can follow to monetize what you’re passionate about, and build a career that transcends your chosen field into other profitable arenas.


Three Live Bonus Calls With Derek

Three Live Bonus Training Calls With Derek
(3 Live Training Calls, 6+ Hours Long)

These special calls are just for Ten Commandments members. During these live sessions, you will get to ask me any question you want so you can better understand how to use the program, enhance your career, make more money, and invest wisely.
On these training calls, you’ll get to ask me any question you want so you can better understand the exact steps you need to follow to maximize the outcomes that you will get using this program.

Use these sessions to fill in those last little pesky blind spots in your head as you charge through the training.

Whatever level you are currently at, get on these calls and get my custom-tailored feedback on how you can advance to the next level in your career, with your business, or with your investment strategy.

These calls will be held at a later date when I can fit them into my schedule. These will be immensely valuable as you’ll get your chance to get my insights on YOUR personal situation, and you’re going to learn a ton by listening to other intelligent group members ask their questions.


Two Tickets To A Moneyberg Wealth Summit

Two Complimentary Tickets To My Live And In-Person Moneyberg Wealth Summit

You and a friend are going to join the Moneyberg community LIVE and IN-PERSON with these complimentary middle tier FIRST CLASS tickets to the Moneyberg Wealth Summit. (Date and city will be determined when travel restrictions end.)
Join the Moneyberg community LIVE and IN-PERSON with these middle tier FIRST CLASS tickets. These tickets come with an option to upgrade and they’re already a $1,000 value EACH.

The Moneyberg Wealth Summit is where you’ll find like-minded winners, and where you’ll start forging the lasting business and social connections that grow into big business opportunities.

What’s the best part? Use your second ticket to bring your best friend or business ally and give them a gift they’ll remember forever.

The Moneyberg Wealth Summit will be held at a major global city when travel restrictions ease. All Ten Commandments of Wealth members will be notified well in advance so they can make travel arrangements.


One-On-One Accountability Call

One-On-One Accountability Coaching Call

Be prepared and take your accountability coaching seriously, it is a fantastic mechanism for you to ensure you don’t slip off the path and you stay accountable to your progress.

This is a live one-on-one training call with a Moneyberg coach. This session will be custom-tailored to you and personalized to help you overcome your specific wealth-building sticking points.

This is an extra service from us to help you clarify what you want to accomplish, answer your questions, and give you that vital outside perspective on how you should be attacking your goals.

While going through The Ten Commandments of Wealth, you will know that your accountability call is right around the corner. Focus and do the work so you SHOW UP PREPARED.
I’ve barely touched on the wealth of knowledge that’s in store for you.

I couldn’t promise real results without hammering home the concept of compounding.

If there’s a number one rule for wealth building this is it:
Good lord, no matter what you do, NEVER stop the compounding.
Not grasping the power of compounding is a cardinal sin of life.

Your knowledge isn’t compounding fast enough, you’re investments aren’t compounding fast enough, your relationships aren’t compounding fast enough.

You’re not building wealth because you aren’t compounding every day.

The years are ticking away and you’re missing out on that incredibly powerful force.

Average people don’t think about compounding. Average people want the result right now and they don’t have the foresight to think years in advance.
Average people look at this graph and see the first ten years where they would make a little interest and yawn.

The smart people look at the millions their money would earn them in years 30 to 40 and they get back to work.

Compounding is at the bedrock of this program, inside you’re going to compound your knowledge, your progress, your resources, and your wealth.

The trick is to install the mindsets, and build the habits required to stay CONSISTENT.

That’s what you’re going to get inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth.

Here’s All The Value Waiting For You Inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth:


Total Program Value = $31,391

As you've seen laid out above, all the features and bonuses inside this program add up to a $31,391 value, a retail price of $2,497, and are currently on sale during this offer period for only $1,000.

$2,497 $1,000

I want to help as many serious people as I can. If you can’t solve a thousand dollar problem, you aren’t the type of client I specialize in.

After this offer period, that’s it, this deal will be gone. Don’t dink around, procrastinate, and miss this offer period window of opportunity. Secure your copy, and get inside now.
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$2,497 $1,000


If you have any doubt in your mind that this course is going to deliver results, you shouldn’t.

If you’re willing to put in the work, and execute on the guidance, The Ten Commandments will deliver.

But for those of you who aren’t completely sure, I have built in my 30 day promise.

Here’s how it works: Get The Ten Commandments Of Wealth and devour the life-changing curriculum for 30 days. Use those 30 days to decide if the program delivers on all my promises and if what you are learning is helping you accelerate your financial success.

If after that, somehow you don’t think the program is worth the small investment in yourself, email customer support and you can use your purchase price as a credit toward any Moneyberg program or live event.

That is how much I believe in this course and how certain I am that you will get results with it.

I get daily DMs, texts, and emails from clients sharing how this course has transformed their lives. That’s why I am doing everything in my power to remove the barriers to your entry and get it into your hands.

If you’re serious about building wealth, I’m serious about showing you the path.

There is no risk in this decision. Check out these winning stories from my top clients:
This is different, The Ten Commandments of Wealth is the gritty, pragmatic, real-world guidance that will get you results.

You’re going to get the education that if I would have gotten early in my journey, it would have been worth at least 25 million added to my net worth.

On top of that education, you’re going to get the bonuses, the champion interviews to rewire your mindset, and the guidebooks, and the live event tickets to connect with the Moneyberg community LIVE.

I can’t make the deal any sweeter.
You know you could be doing better, a lot better.
Wouldn’t you agree that it makes more sense to learn from an expert and follow the path that they have ALREADY PROVEN will produce the results you want?

Or would you rather fumble around lonely and by yourself trying methods like “guess and check” and “watching a YouTube video”.

Real winners don’t put their winning strategies out on YouTube. They share them with their inner circles, their friends, and their allies. Pavarotti did not sing to rooms full of the deaf.

If you are ready to change, and willing to execute like crazy, here’s how to claim your copy of The Ten Commandments of Wealth.

Simply click the green button, fill out the quick order form including your payment information, and your login credentials to your member’s area will be emailed directly to you.
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$2,497 $1,000


Your Life WITH

  • You possess step-by-step, expert guidance to reach greater financial freedom.
  • ​You're inspired by Moneyberg clients who started where you are now and dramatically improved their lives.
  • ​You cultivate a new circle of business allies that propel you and your life to elite levels of success.
  • ​Your parents brag about you to their family and friends, and trust you as the executor of their estate.
  • ​You attract the highest quality significant other, a partner who loves and respects you.
  • ​Your beautiful children have the best of everything, and brag to their classmates about who their parents are.
  • ​You learn and use the same principles that all wealthy people and world champions use to earn the highest levels of success.


  • You fumble around in the dark with no map or GPS to guide your financial future.
  • ​You "celebrate" another corporate holiday with co-workers who back stab you and take credit for YOUR ideas and YOUR hard work.
  • ​You continue to hang around your apathetic "friends", buying cheap drinks on your credit card, and getting drunk all weekend.
  • ​Your parents regret they ever bought you toys for Christmas, they should have saved for their retirement vacations.
  • ​You support a less attractive, less educated creature, who is willing to settle for you.
  • ​You realize the only things less remarkable than your children's apperances are their dull brains and their bleak futures.
  • You struggle with the limited information you have now, and keep spinning your wheels in the mud of mediocrity.

About now, you might have some crazy excuses popping up from deep in the shadows of your mind. Allow me to address them:

"But Derek, I don't have the money!"

If you can’t find $1,000 to save your future, you’re doomed to fail. Get creative. A crack fiend could find $1,000 to get high, and you can’t scrape up the cash to completely change your financial future for the better? If that’s the case, I wish you the best of luck at the bottom of the economy. Additionally, we partner with several buy-now-pay-later platforms like PayPal, Klarna, Sezzle, etc.

"But Derek, building wealth is hard!"

You know what’s actually hard? Getting older as a man or woman and living as a broke loser. You know what is even harder? Going through life stupid. The time is going to pass either way, you might as well front load the work so you have the OPTION to take your foot off the gas when you’re older.

"I can figure it out myself."

Ah this delusion is pervasive in today’s world. Thankfully, I don’t suffer from it. When I want to learn something, I go straight to a subject matter expert and have them guide my way. You sacrifice your outcomes tremendously when you want to fumble around by yourself. You’re going to get a fraction of what you could have.

"I'll just be average."

I don’t think being average will work out well for you. There’s no way you would have committed the time to get this far down this offer page if you are ok with being average. You want to be exceptional, you know you can be, and you are wisely looking for someone to fill in those blank spots in your mind, preventing you from big leaps in progress. If you’re serious, I can be that guide for you.

"I'm doing ok already."

Is that all you want to do in life? Be ok? If that’s the case, I guess you’ll just accept your lower place in the economy.

"I'll get The Ten Commandments later, when I have some capital to invest in a business and the markets."

You MUST start the compounding NOW. No matter how small your knowledge base or your portfolio is, you MUST get the compounding started and NEVER STOP IT.
Don’t listen to these delusions, they are guiding you down the wrong path.
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$2,497 $1,000


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I use my Wealth Summit Ticket?

Stay tuned for when the event date will be announced, and contact us letting us know you would like to use your pass and if you will be bringing a guest with your guest pass.

When will we get our login credentials?

When your payment has been received, an email will be sent with instructions on how to get into your member’s area. You’re a couple minutes away from getting inside and starting. Go.
It’s your decision now.

All that’s required for you to start building your wealth is to:
  • ​Stop procrastinating and being indecisive
  • ​Commit to a proven resource like this where you can learn what works
  • ​​And make the decision to get started.
There are 168 hours in a week. Rich people, poor people, everybody gets the exact same amount of time.

When are you going to quit wasting those precious hours? Inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth, you’re going to discover the pragmatic foundations of wealth building.

Seize this opportunity, and grab your copy now. This is a professional course for serious people, if you’re serious, and you will execute on the guidance contained in this course, you don’t have a hard decision here.

A single concept or idea you get from me, one of my expert friends, or a world champion can generate massive gains for you over time.

For smart executors who ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT the strategies they learn inside The Ten Commandments of Wealth, the price of this program is nothing more than a wise investment, quickly recovered.

Get inside now, while it is hot on your mind, and mark today on your life calendar as a major turning point.

Just click the green order button, fill out your details, and we’ll be working together in a matter of minutes.

I’ll see you inside,
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$2,497 $1,000


Let’s evaluate:

Option 1: Do nothing, stay at the bottom of the economic food chain and be happy with the scraps you are getting.

Option 2: Take advantage of this offer, secure your copy, and get the curated, pragmatic, and step-by-step guidance you need to start compounding your knowledge and wealth, now.

Doing nothing is the biggest risk you can take right now.

You could fumble around for years or decades and never get where you want to be. If you’re willing to learn, and execute like a champion, I can help you shortcut those years and decades to a fraction of the time.

With this course, you are buying your time. You’re buying back decades of your life.

If you continue down the path you’re on, you’ll risk losing that precious time you need to build big wealth.

Remember: You’ve got my 30-day Moneyberg guarantee to fall back on, if somehow you don’t get the extreme value you are expecting, you can use the purchase price toward another Moneyberg program or live event.

As you should have realized by now, THIS IS YOUR IN. With the world hypnotized by social media, and brainwashed into jumping onto the next trendy bandwagon, there’s an incredible opportunity.

The tools I reveal inside this program are the primary reason I was able to make 30 million dollars during the COVID hysteria.

When you can think clearly and execute pragmatically in a world full of noise, you have an incredible edge. That’s what you’ll get when you go through this program. You’ll have an EDGE.

Having these foundational lessons plugged into your brain makes every decision easier and more profitable than just guessing or winging it, because you’ll know exactly what to do.

Your financial success is going to come down to your ability to make great financial decisions, and to your ability to stay consistent over the long haul.

Let’s get you the foundational knowledge to make those great decisions, and instill in you the consistent habits that will lead to the wealth you want.

Now, if you’re ready to spark a massive turning point in your life, and you’re serious about becoming a millionaire and more, click that link, get inside, and let’s begin.